Soprano Titanium Diode Ice Laser Machine and M22 IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine, which is better?

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Soprano Titanium Diode Ice Laser Machine and M22 IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine, which is better?

Recently some of beauty salon owner consult us, about soprano titanium diode ice laser machine and m22 ipl laser machine, which is more effective? Today we will analyze for you.

M22 IPL Laser Hair Removal Device

The m22 ipl laser hair removal device, which is very popular now. It can actually call Intense Pulsed Light, that’s photorejuvenation. According to the specific intense pulsed light energy, it penetrates the skin, and then use the different filters to solve various skin problems. The main functions of m22 ipl machine is photon skin rejuvenation, freezing point hair removal. We have also been used a lot of common ipl machine. The first generation laser hair removal, the second generation opt laser hair removal, the third generation of 360 magneto-optical laser hair removal, and the fourth generation of DPL laser hair removal machine. They have many wavelengths, they need to collect the useful wavelengths of light, and the emitted light is scatter. The main function of the m22 hair removal machine is photon skin rejuvenation.

So who is suitable for m22 hair removal machine treatment? We also did some research. People who have pigmentation and want to remove freckles can lighten the spots without hurting the skin. Customers who need hair removal can also use this m22 to do the treatment.

Soprano Titanium Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Soprano titanium diode laser hair removal machine belongs to laser hair removal. It adopt triple wavelength. It can directly reach the hair follicles, precisely destroy the hair follicles, and cut off the support system around the hair follicles without causing damage to the skin. Its function is very simple, and its advantage is comfortable, long service life, no need to insert filters and safer.

If your customer only want to do hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatment, it is recommended to use the soprano titanium diode ice laser machine, which is easy to operate and has better results. If they want to do other photon skin rejuvenation treatment, and hair removal is only for attracting customers, then we suggest m22.

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