The Advantages of 1550nm Erbium Laser Machine

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The Brief Introduction of Erbium Laser Machine

1550nm erbium laser machine is a high-energy and accurate non-invasive laser device. It has a wavelength of 1550nm. It is currently the most popular wrinkle removal and the latest skin resurfacing technology in the world. Which has received the most attention in the global skin industry. Combined with unique fractional laser spot technology, it achieves precise treatment and tightens loose skin.

It utilizing the principle of fractional co2 laser to thermally stimulate the skin. It accurately stimulating the dermis below 1.5mm, such as the scalp, to produce collagen. It achieve the dual effect of stimulating collagen and elastic fiber proliferation, tighten and lift, and smooth wrinkles.

The 1550nm co2 fractional laser skin firming and wrinkle removal machine generates gasification by absorbing water from the target tissue. It acting on skin tissue in a lattice form according to the fibrous septal structure, instantly vaporizing the skin tissue. It cause continuous contraction of collagen and fibrous tissue, so as to achieving the effect of skin rejuvenation and wrinkle removal.

erbium laser machine principle

The Functions of 1550nm Erbium Laser Machine

1. Permanently remove fine lines around the eyes.

2. Permanently remove lip wrinkles.

3. Permanently remove facial fine lines.

4. Permanently remove neck wrinkles.

5. Permanently remove stretch marks

6. Permanently remove different scars.

The Advantages of Erbium Laser Machine

1. It can remove various wrinkles in a very short time!

2. Precision therapy: Targeted precision therapy, the whole treatment is precise.

3. The dot matrix technology, deep guide through skin, alternative to injection, the treatment is safe.

4. The random beam scanning mechanism has a short treatment time and high customer acceptance.

5. Dismantling and self-destructing system, absolutely impossible to imitate.

6. Quick effect: The effect is significant, can take effect in 2 minutes, and lasts without rebound.

7. No side effects: After treatment, there is no trauma, short recovery period, and no pigmentation.

8. Full effect and versatile: effectively for wrinkles, looseness, scars, bumps, rough pores, acne marks, pregnancy marks, etc.

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