The Advantages of Microneedle Fractional RF Machine

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What is RF Fractional Machine?

The RF fractional microneedling machine use gold microneedles insert into the skin to a certain depth. At the same time, the radio frequency energy also deep into the skin under layer. That is, the combination of microneedle and radio frequency, stimulating the skin collagen reorganization and regeneration.

RF microneedle machine comes with 4 needles. 10 pis, 25 pins, 64 pins and nano needles. The 10 pins needle is for eye around area. The 25 pins needle is for face area. The 64 pins needle is for body treatment. Before using these 3 needles, you should apply the anesthetic on the treatment area first. Need to wait for about 30 minutes after apply the anesthetic. Then you can start treatment. These needles achieve better result compare with nano needle. But the nano needle is painless. You don’t need to apply the anesthetic before nano needle treatment.

The Function of Gold RF Microneedle Machine

  1. Face Lifting
  2. Anti Wrimkle
  3. Stretch Mark Removal
  4. Acne Scar Treatment

The Advantage of Our Rf Microneedling Machine

There are so many rf fractional machine on the market. Most of the machine comes with non-insulated needles. Compared with other microneedle rf machine, our machine use the insulated needles. It’s safer and it won’t burning skin. Microneedling RF machine effectively solving the skin problems such as acne, scars, stretch marks and wrinkles.

How long is the RF Fractional Treatment?

The interval between two treatments should be at least 1 month. Normally one session needs 4-6 treatments, one month do a treatment. The treatment time is a little different accord to different treatment part. Normally each treatment area takes 15-20 minutes. At the clinic case, each needle can only use on one person at one treatment. The used needles can’t use on other people.

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