The Advantages of Pico Laser Machine

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The Basic Principle of Picosecond

The basic principle of picosecond laser is to generate a photomechanical effect (Photomechanical) with picosecond extremely fast pulses, which penetrate deep into the dermis and shatter the stains into very fine dust, then taken away by the body’s metabolism. Picosecond laser machine can be used for tattoo removal (eyebrow tattoo, eyeliner, lipliner), pigmentation, skin rejuvenation and skin whitening.

Why Choose Pico Laser?

Nowadays, many people prefer tattoo makeup. At the same time, the tattoo removal service is needed. They want to remove the tattoo, the unwanted color of the eyebrow. That’s why picosecond laser machine can help salon business. The tattoo removal technology make people getting tattoo without any worries. Most people may hesitate before getting tattoo if they can’t find a way to remove the tattoo. But now, if they don’t want the tattoo anymore, they can go to salon and get rid of it.

The Advantages of Picoseocnd Machine

1.It comes with 4 wavelength. 532nm, 755nm, 1064nm and 1320nm black doll.

2. It can not only remove tattoo, but also remove pigmentation, age spot removal, freckle removal, coffee spot removal, skin rejuvenation and skin whitening.

The Application of Picoway Machine

  1. It can remove all color tattoo. 1064nm is for dark color removal, 532nm is for color tattoo removal and pigmentation removal.
  2. 755nm is for freckle removal, age spot removal and chloasma.
  3. 1320nm is for skin rejuvenation, skin whitening and shrink pore. You should use carbon gel before treatment.

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