The Function and Advantages of Picosecond Machine

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The Function of Picosecond Machine

The picosecond machine mainly for facial spots (difficult to tangle melasma, freckles, sunburn, birthmarks. It can treatment skin tone, dark complexion, thick pores, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, rough skin, and tattoos. And those who have previously received laser treatment but have not had significant effects. These problems can also be treated in one course of treatment. And the operator will determine the energy according to the needs of client.

The mechanism of action of the picosecond laser beauty machine is very simple. The melanin in the human skin rapidly expands and crushes by absorbing laser energy. And then metabolizes the broken melanin through the human body’s metabolism, eliminating pigment deposition.

The Advantages of Picosure Machine

1. Restore inherent beauty

The picosure laser breaks through traditional laser limitations. The honeycomb instant lens utilizes rapid shock waves to sweep away melanin, stimulate collagen proliferation. And completely renew the skin from the inside out.

2. Easily make Skin Whitening

The dust effect of picosecond mechanical light laser shock breaking down melanin particles has surpassed all current laser machine. It quickly clearing and metabolizing, and is not easy to remain.

3. Stay away from Anti-black Risks

The rapid shockwave time of mechanical picosecond laser is 7 times faster than that of ordinary lasers. It greatly reducing the damages of the skin and stimulating the proliferation of melanin (anti melanin).

The Features of Picosure Machine

1. Swiftness.

The laser action time of the picosecond laser machine can save more than 60% of the time compared to other lasers.

2. Minimally Invasive.

The picosecond laser wound is much smaller than other lasers and can be ignored.

3. Accurate.

The shorter the action time of the laser, the more precise the energy applied to the target melanin. The faster and smaller the black expansion, the faster the metabolism, and the better the effect.

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