The Principle and Function of Microneedle RF Machine

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The Principle Microneedle RF Machine

The microneedle rf machine apply the radiofrequency energy to the skin of the dermis, achieving the effect of beautifying the skin. Gold micro needle rf machine can simultaneously solve various skin problems and improve the skin. Gold microneedle radio frequency is a type of micro needle treatment and it’s an effective treatment method. It is a combination of micro needle and radio frequency, which can directly penetrate into the dermis, allowing the skin tissue to synthesize a large amount of new collagen, promoting local metabolism, and achieving different treatment function effects.

The Function of RF Fractional Micro Needle Machine

It have multiple function, such as wrinkles removal, acne treatment, scar removal, face lifting, and stretch mark removal. It can effectively promote the generation of collagen under the skin, and achieve effective treatment for dry or severely freckled skin with obvious sagging. It can make the skin lifting and skin rejuvenation. It can also promote skin cell regeneration and fade wrinkles. The main method is to use radio frequency microneedling machine to penetrate deep into skin tissue, which can stimulate collagen regeneration, help rearrange fibrous tissue, and also restore the skin’s original elasticity. If there are wrinkles, or acne marks on your skin, you can choose the micro needle rf machine treatment. By using micro needles on the skin, nutritious ingredients are deep into the dermis of the skin, which can provide long-lasting hydration and moisturizing.

In conclusion:

1. It can remove wrinkles, fine lines, forehead lines, zigzag lines, statutory lines, mouth circumference lines, neck lines, etc., and tighten the skin;

2. Stretch marks removal and birth marks;

3. Acne Treatment, acne pit removal

4. Scars removal, such as burn scars.

The Advantages of Gold Microneedle RF Machine

1. Compared with other microneedle machine, our needle is non insulted needles, it’s safer, and fat repair.

2. At the same time, the precise control of the depth of RF needles can be achieved as needed, making the RF effect more focused and precise.

3. The combination of micro needle and radio frequency makes treatment more safe and efficient.

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