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Hifu Ultherapy Machine

The Brief Introduction of Hifu Ultherapy Machine

Hifu Ultrasound, formerly known as Ultherapy or Ulthera. It is a machine produced in the United States that uses non-invasive “lift” technology to improve facial sagging and other problems. It mainly targets problems such as aging and sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines and other problems. This treatment is used in 63 countries in Europe, America and even all over the world.

“Ultrasound” is a kind of ultrasonic wave with good penetrating ability, which is divided into medical equipment and beauty equipment. The ultrasound machine for beauty uses high-intensity positioning and focuses on 1.5-4.5mm of the skin (fascia layer). It emits 600-1200 ultrasonic nanowaves at the same time to generate high-frequency friction with each other during focusing, stimulating thousands of heat waves. At the condensation point, a high temperature of 60 to 75 degrees will be generated in an instant. The thermal stimulation generated by hifu machine will cause fascial layer cells to appear in three stages:

1. Cell thermal damage;

2. Gather your own energy to repair;

3. Generate new cells.

What’s the advantags of ultherapy

After these three stages of cell repair, the tightened skin is firmly repositioned on the fascial collagen scaffold and gradually assembled into ordered collagen. Thus truly stimulating cell regeneration and fascial repair, achieving improved purpose of lifting, tightening and smoothing the skin. Compared with other photoelectric projects, the biggest advantage of ultherapy hifu is its depth of action.

So far, the only non-invasive cosmetic method that can affect the SMAS fascial layer is hifu machine! The main feature of hifu machine is that it can act on the fascia layer and the dermis layer at the same time. Which not only lifts the deep layers of the fascia layer, but also tightens the superficial layers of the dermis layer.

In addition to the high intensity focused ultrasound that plays a therapeutic role. The visual ultrasound imaging of the hifu machine can ensure that the treatment is maintained at the appropriate depth. It prevent incorrect heating of other tissues, and minimize unnecessary pain and side effects.

Which treatment areas is hifu machine suitable for?

Hifu machine is currently approved for use in lifting eyebrow lines, improving sagging or wrinkles on the lower face and neck. And it can also be used to improve fine lines or wrinkles on the front and chest. In addition, hifu machine can also be used on parts of the body, such as buttocks, outer thighs and abdominal loose skin.

In fact, looking at its working principle, we can naturally understand that it can basically solve any skin sagging and wrinkles caused by SMAS weakness and collagen loss. But some areas with dense blood vessels and nerves or shallower tissues and organs such as the thyroid gland need to be avoided.

What are the treatment steps for Hifu High Intensity Focus Ultrasound?

How often does it need to be done?

Hifu treatment is a non-invasive anti-aging method. The treatment time varies according to individual circumstances. Generally, it only takes 30-90 minutes and there is no recovery period.

This treatment is based on individual relaxation conditions. After a face-to-face consultation with the doctor, the doctor will first determine whether the patient has mild, moderate, or severe relaxation. This allows you to choose the best treatment location and depth of action. Treatment comfort will vary from person to person, but some sensitivity will only be felt when the ultrasound energy is being released.

How often does hifu ultrasound treatment need to be done?

This problem varies due to individual differences, because the principle of hifu machine is to heat the fascia layer to tighten the fascia and drive the skin to tighten. In essence, it causes micro trauma to the subcutaneous fascia layer and stimulates the self-repair of our skin tissue. Mechanism to produce new skin cells and hyaluronic acid moisturizing layer to eliminate facial wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Therefore, it will take 1-3 months for the cosmetic effect of a hifu treatment to appear, and it will take 3-6 months for the full effect to appear. Therefore, hifu machine treatment is not suitable for frequent use.

On the other hand, in order to ensure the continuous effect of hifu treatment, it is best not to perform the treatment again in a short time.

Most people can’t see immediate results after the procedure. In order to achieve the goals they initially set, it still takes 1-3 months of self-repair. The collagen and other protein cells in the body are constantly being renewed, and the effects are also limited.

Are there any side effects of hifu treatment?

How to care after treatment?

Many people were worried about whether hifu treatment had serious side effects? So it is still necessary to explain it to everyone.

First of all, I would like to emphasize that for hifu machine. It is used to improve fine lines and wrinkles on the lower face, neck and chest. Moreover, hifu machine can only be performed by qualified doctors or professional people. We won’t sell the machines to medical institutions without professional people. Therefore, when comparing effects, you must first check whether the operator is professional. It also depends on whether the person administering the injection is a qualified doctor. Many people on the Internet say that it disfigures the face and has no effect. In fact, there is a high probability that the operator is not professional. So there is no reference for whether the treatment effect is good or bad.

In fact, the side effects of hifu treatment are not that terrible. Slight redness, swelling, itching, stinging or tenderness usually occur within a few hours after treatment. But these feelings are mild and temporary and can generally disappear on their own. But the lifting effect is also visible to the naked eye.

Because there is no recovery period with Ultherapy, normal activities can be resumed immediately without any post-treatment measures. After treatment, avoid sun exposure and use mild skin care products for daily care.

How much does hifu ultrasound cost?

What is the most appropriate number of cartridge shots?

The charging method of Ultherapy treatment is different from Thermage. It is charged according to the injection site. Because the treatment head of the hifu machine has a strict limit on the number of times it can be used, one treatment head can only deliver 10000 shots.

Usually, a person needs at least 500-800 shots of hifu treatment in order to be considered “lazy”. In other words, one treatment head is enough for several people, and the consumables are naturally relatively expensive.

Under normal circumstances, 800 to 1,000 shots of hifu are used on the face and neck. The specific number and depth of treatment are based on the size and fullness of the face. Narrow faces require approximately 400 shots, and wide faces require 460 shots. The hair is around 3.0mm thick, and the face is thin. The depth of application can only be 3.0mm. Therefore, it is not accurate to say that all hifu machine can be applied at 4.5mm on the Internet, because the specific operation needs to be based on each person’s specific situation. If you encounter some salons whose prices are lower than the market price, you need to consider if the operator is professional. Hifu treatment requires experienced doctors to operate it to achieve ideal results.

What you can do before hifu treatment?

In fact, in medical beauty spa, every project has its audience, just like skin care products. Skin care products that others say are good may not be effective if you use them, and you may be allergic to them. Most of the feedback on the effect of hifu ultrasound is very good. But it is not ruled out that some people say it has no effect. This is the same as using penicillin. Some people cure diseases and some people are fatal. It is difficult to guarantee 100%.

Furthermore, any medical aesthetics project requires a doctor’s consultation to confirm which treatment is most suitable for you before proceeding. Otherwise, the results may vary greatly. Therefore, many projects are not just what you want to do. Regularly qualified and experienced doctors will not recommend them to you just to make a profit.

Finally, Hifu machine is already one of the lowest-risk and non-invasive procedures among all medical aesthetic procedures. The worst result is that there is no effect, so whether you are suitable for hifu ultherapy treatment or not, please let a professional doctor make the decision.

4D Hifu Machine

4D Hifu machine comes with 8 cartridges, each cartridges have 20000 shots. Compare to ultherapy, most client will choose 4D. Ultherapy machine is one shot one line. 4D hifu machine is one shot 1-12 lines adjustable. And the treatment result is good, it is best for wrinkle removal, face lifting, body slimming.

7D Hifu Ultraformer Machine

Brief Introduction of 7D hifu machine

7D Hifu ultraformer machine and ultherapy both belong to the hifu beauty equipment. Both machines use the principle of ultrasonic heating to cause controllable damage to the skin. Thereby activating the skin’s self-repair function, stimulating the renewal of skin tissue. It accelerating skin metabolism, replacing old skin tissue with new skin tissue, and rejuvenating the skin. It makes you look younger.

7D hifu heating principle

Hifu machine heating principle: According to the theory of molecular dynamics, matter is composed of a large number of molecules, and the molecules are in an endless motion. Of course, this motion is in the form of vibration. Molecules move at high frequencies. When the frequency of ultrasonic waves is the same as the natural frequency of the molecules that make up the material, it will cause resonance of the molecules. And the vibration amplitude of the molecules will be greatly increased. The increase in the vibration amplitude of the molecules will collide with other molecules close to it. Thereby increasing the amount of energy in the entire material. The intensity of the irregular motion of molecules causes the temperature to rise rapidly.

How does 7D hifu work?

So how do 7D hifu ultraformer machine and ultherapy penetrate the skin surface and directly heat the deep skin? As we all know, a magnifying glass can focus sunlight onto a small spot on the sun. Hifu machine is based on the principle of focusing and heating a small area of ​​ultrasound. Although ultrasonic waves pass through the surface layer of skin, the heating power here is relatively small. And the high temperature will not damage the surface layer of skin. The deep skin is the focus of ultrasonic heating. Ultrasound waves from multiple directions gather here, and the skin will heat up rapidly. The temperature will be high enough to denature the skin tissue, leading to deep skin damage.

What’s the difference between 7D hifu and ultherapy?

There is no difference in the working principle between 7D hifu ultraformer machine and ultherapy machine, except that 7D hifu ultraformer machine is a new type of hifu beauty machine, which has 4 more probes (2.0mm, 6.0mm, 9mm, 13mm respectively) than traditional ultherapy machine (respectively) 3 cartridges, 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm). Therefore, the skin depth range of ultherapy machine is smaller than that of 7D hifu ultraformer. The skin depth range of 7D hifu ultraformer machine is wider and can solve more skin problems.

7D Hifu ultraformer machine function

1. Stimulate the repair and regeneration of skin collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis. At this level, fine lines, jaw lines, mouth lines, crow’s feet, etc. can all be resolved.

2. Acts on the fascia layer of the skin. High temperature causes the protein in the fascia layer to denature and shrink, thereby lifting the skin. It is mainly used to solve the problem of skin sagging.

3. Acts on the subcutaneous fat layer. High temperature causes fat to degenerate and become necrotic. It is then metabolized by the body and makes the fat layer thinner. It is mainly used to solve the problem of excessive fat layer, dissolve fat and shape the body.

What are the side effects of 7D Hifu Ultraformer?

1. Damaged facial barrier

The 7D hifu ultraformer focuses on thermal damage to the skin. The first step is to contact the epidermal tissue. Although the gel is applied, the damage will not be reduced much. The facial barrier is damaged and the facial skin becomes red, swollen, dry and itchy as a direct reaction. 7D hifu ultraformer heat can stimulate the atrophy of subcutaneous collagen. As the sponge-like collagen layer under the skin. After being damaged, it will become dysfunctional and have poor storage capacity, leaving the skin naturally dry and dehydrated.

Solution: You can use external hydrating medical facial masks. Although it treats the symptoms but not the root cause, it can relieve facial dryness. The hospital will also prescribe hyaluronic acid to be applied to the face three times a day. It is recommended to choose ingredients containing ceramides in skin care products. Which can accelerate the reconstruction of the skin barrier. During the reorganization of the barrier, oral administration of SMAS multi-stage kinetic energy accelerates the reconstruction of subcutaneous collagen, etc. And the skin’s water storage function will gradually recover.

2. Soreness, numbness and swelling, facial nerve damage

Solution: There is a lack of professional doctors to operate it. It is recommended to choose regular large hospitals and medical institutions for consultation. And try to avoid facial nerve damage caused by problems with the doctor’s technique. Soreness, numbness and swelling are minor problems. If the nerves in the large face are damaged, it will lead to imbalance of facial features, crooked mouth and eyes. Moreover, once nerve damage occurs, it is irreversible.

3. Facial depression and collapse

Solution: The collapse of the facial depression is caused by the 7D HIFU high intensity focused ultrasound damaging the collagen fiber network and elastin that play a supporting role in the face. Many people may not understand, let’s use an analogy: when building a house and laying a foundation, collagen is the cement, and elastin is the steel bar interspersed in the collagen layer. Only when the two are matched, the skin can be plump.

As for the destruction of subcutaneous tissue by 7D HIFU machine, some of them destroyed the “steel and cement 2-person group” that serves as support, and it is difficult to reorganize it in a short period of time, especially for girls whose faces lack collagen. In order to start the subsequent repair of the human body, it is a prerequisite to strengthen the multi-stage kinetic energy intake of SMAS and ensure the human body’s nutritional intake. Medical Research Institute also found that it is difficult for collagen to penetrate into this fascia layer (SMAS), but SMAS multi-stage kinetic energy can. In addition, the damage of elastin and the loss of peptide chains are difficult and time-consuming to rely on human body reconstruction, but smas multi-stage kinetic energy can just repair and fill it.

4. Exposed wounds, deep facial wounds

Solution: Most of the causes of this problem are irregular operation of the 7D hifu face lifting machine. This type of repair is difficult and time-consuming. It is a long battle to restore it to its original appearance. The 7D hifu ultraformer wound lift usually enters the repair phase the next day, which includes epithelialization and granulation tissue formation. Also called the proliferation period. The damaged surface skin is lifted by 7D hifu ultraformer, and the regeneration of epithelial cells and wound repair begins. At this time, that is, within 1-2 days after the 7D hifu ultra former face lifting treatment.

About SMAS

The supply of multi-stage kinetic energy nutrition of SMAS can be strengthened, stimulate the healthy basal cells around the wound to begin to proliferate. It providing high-quality nutritional supplements to the basal cells. And then the granulation tissue is formed. The proliferation of basal cells stimulates the growth of granulation tissue. At the same time, growth factors released by macrophages, such as platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), β-transformation growth factor (β-TGF), and α-transformation growth factor (α-TGF), accelerate the formation of granulation tissue. The formation of granulation tissue has important biological significance, mainly manifested in:

(1) Fill the gaps in the organization

(2) protect the wound, prevent bacterial infection, and reduce bleeding

(3) Granulation tissue is the primary stage of fibrous tissue and is also the main component of filling subcutaneous depressions. Therefore, during the formation and finalization stage of granulation tissue, the nutritional supplement provided by SMAS multi-stage kinetic energy can accelerate the substantial proliferation of granulation tissue.

At the same time, for damaged tissue fibers, multi-stage kinetic energy can speed up the repair of fractures and damage. Time depends on the smas multi-segment kinetic energy protein. One characteristic is the characteristic of targeted aggregation. This is the self-property of the smas multi-segment kinetic energy itself, which is not possessed by macromolecules or small molecule glues. When the body is injured, the multi-stage kinetic energy of SMAS can penetrate into the blood and gather at the damaged location to accelerate wound healing. For the side effects of 7D hifu ultraformer lifting that have already occurred, saving time and reducing repair time determine the direct postoperative effect and curb the spread of damage.

What are the important factors that affect the effect of 7D Hifu Ultraformer lifting machine?

The purpose of the 7D hifu ultraformer

The purpose of the 7D hifu ultraformer is to stimulate the body to produce more collagen. In fact, many projects follow this principle, including Thermage, Thermal Lift, Body Sculpting, Ultrasonic Face lift, etc. The improvement is achieved by activating collagen in the dermal layer. Although there are slight differences, the core link that affects the actual effect is the activation of collagen regeneration. If you plan to do a micro plastic surgery project, and it is not aimed at activating collagen regeneration, then there is only one outcome: it will be ineffective.

The result of 7D hifu machine

Under the condition that the 7D hifu anti-aging machine is a regular machine, how to increase the amount of collagen activated by the 7D hifu machine is a top priority. There is a saying in the domestic medical beauty industry: Miracles happen on young skin. What’s the meaning? It means that young skin and unhealthy skin undergo the same program, and the same doctor’s technique is used on the operating table. The young man’s post-operative healing, effect, and amount of collagen stimulated are all over the unhealthy skin. Therefore, in view of the postoperative results. We must strengthen the conditioning of the muscle base before surgery and the repair of the muscle base after surgery to avoid problems with the amount of collagen activated by the 7D hifu ultraformer face lifting machine. Then the postoperative results will generally be good.

After treatment

The detailed process is: take SMAS multi-stage kinetic energy 30-60 days before surgery, which can effectively replenish a large amount of collagen to the skin, keep the skin in good condition, activate the collagen water storage layer, and avoid facial dryness, itching and other problems after surgery. . After surgery, the most important point is to ensure that the 7D hifu face lifting machine can successfully activate a large amount of collagen, and oral administration of SMAS multi-stage kinetic energy for 60-90 days can provide necessary nutritional support for the production of collagen in the muscle base. At the same time, the human body’s new collagen and other repair substances are also the main components that accelerate wound healing. The wound heals in time, and the side effects of the 7D hifu ultraformer face lifting are naturally reduced and avoided.

Postoperative effect

7D Hifu Ultraformer stimulates collagen activation rate. The higher the collagen activation rate after surgery, the more obvious the effect will be. An important factor that affects the collagen activation rate is the amount of subcutaneous collagen.

For example, a healthy muscle base contains 10,000 collagens, and the activation rate of hifu 7D ultraformer machine is 50%. Then 5,000 collagens can be produced after surgery. Assuming that unhealthy muscle base contains 500 collagen, and the activation rate of Ultrasound 7D hifu face lifting or body sculpting is 100%. Then up to 500 collagen can be produced after surgery. The difference between 500 and 5000 means the effect is completely different, which is why the effects of the same project produced by different people are different. Therefore, remember to regulate the condition of the skin and muscle base before surgery, and strengthen the intake of smas multi-stage kinetic protein, because only smas multi-stage kinetic protein can penetrate into the muscle base to achieve the supplementary effect.


Ultherapy hifu machine is the most classic one hifu machine. 4D hifu machine is the multiple lines. 7D hifu machine is the most favorable hifu machine.

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