What Machine Should Beauty Salon Choose?

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Now it have so many beauty machine on the market, if a beauty salon want to attract more customer, what machine you should choose?

1. Anti-Aging Machine

Beauty spa salon is to make beauty person to keep young. The anti-aging machine is the first choice. In this few years, the appearance of hifu machine make the anti-aging service more and more popular. One treatment can reduce the wrinkle and face lift effectively.

Now MPT hifu machine is the best anti-aging machine, it can make you look younger after one treatment. After 2-6 months the treatment result will reach the peak. It can last for 3-5 years normally.

2. Body Slimming Machine

Use the latest velashape technology to help customer reduce fat, weight loss and body slimming. The Velashape machine adopt vacuum roller and rf to work on the cellulite. It won’t do harm to your body. The quickly body slimming effect without any side effect. The LPG Velashape machine is very popular in beauty salon. Because it can reduce 2-5cm after velashape treatment.

3. Multifunctional Skin Care Machine

The newly opened salon is lack of fund, so a multifunctional machine is a best choice.

Now OPT IPL, DPL, M22 IPL laser machine is very hot. One machine can used for a lot of treatments. Such as hair removal, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, pigmentation removal, vascular removal and so on. No matter which season you can use these machine for several treatments. It’s cost effective.

4. Professioal Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

When you have fund, we suggest you buy a professional soprano diode laser hair removal machine. The professional triple wavelength 755nm 808nm 10640nm diode laser machine have better result than multifunctional hair removal machine. It’s suitable for different skin, and it doesn’t matter what color you hair is.

808nm diode laser machine can reach hair follicles directly, it don’t hurt your skin. The treatment is painless and the hair removal result is very good.

5. Picosure Laser Pigmentation Removal Machine

Many people may have pigment, freckles and spot on their face. So the picolaser machine is the best machine to treat pigments, freckles and spots. The picoway machine adopt the newest laser technology, it can also use for tattoo removal.  

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