What’s Emface Magnetic Face Machine?

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The Brief Introduction of Emface Magnetic Face Machine

Emface Magnetic face machine treatment is a brand new facial anti-aging treatment project. It is characterized by the ability to solve the aging problem caused by muscle atrophy without injection or skin damage. It can reduce wrinkles, enhance contour, and make the face lifting. The benchmark is injection filling and wrinkle removal, achieving a more natural and long-lasting facial rejuvenation.

The magnetic energy, also known as high intensity focused electric fields, is specifically designed to stimulate facial muscles. It achieves tissue remodeling by stimulating deep facial muscles and collagen, effectively improving the aging problem caused by facial muscle tissue loss.

Compared to other focused electric fields, the current emitted by magnetic face patches does not cause tremors. It causes very strong muscle contraction, thereby improving facial muscle density, reshaping muscle groups, and connective tissue. It can reach the muscle layer and use radio frequency and electromagnetic energy to reset and pull the muscles, thereby achieving anti-aging results.

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The Advantages of Emface Magnetic Face Machine

1. Noninvasive facial lifting, no pain;

2. No need for injections, no wounds;

3. Short duration, improves the whole face within 20 minutes;

4. It can effectively enhance the face, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while also resisting aging.

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Emface Magnetic Face Machine Treatment

The entire treatment process only takes 20 minutes. The combination of radio frequency and electromagnetic frequency can not only treat the skin, but also affect the muscle layer. In the 20 minute treatment time, there is a significant improvement. Especially in reducing wrinkles by 37% in the entire facial contour, resulting in facial enhancement and reduction of wrinkles. However, magnetic face machine treatment requires several treatment according to the different people. We suggest four times as a course, with an interval of 7-10 days between each treatment. The immediate result of Emface treatment is 20-30%, and the best result is one month after one course of treatment

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