What’s Function of BTL Exilis Ultrasound RF Machine

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For beauty salon owner, the best beauty equipment is a multifunctional and effective one. Why? Because the space of the beauty salon is limited, the beauty salon operator wants to achieve the best effect in the limited space. Weight loss, shaping, and facial anti-aging must be the most popular treatment in beauty salons. Is there a beauty equipment that can do body shaping and facial anti-aging? BTL Ultrasound RF machine is not only used for weight loss and shaping, but also for facial wrinkle removal and anti-aging!

What’s BTL Exilis Machine

What is a BTL Exilis machine? BTL machine is a beauty machine that integrates body slimming and skin tightening. The working principle of BTL machine is: By utilizing ultrasound and unipolar radio frequency technology, its radio frequency energy can accurately reach different treatment depths.

What’s the Function of Ultrasound RF Machine?

The Ultrasound RF machine stimulates the regeneration of collagen and Elastic fiber, which can effectively improve the skin elasticity, lifting face, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and remove neck wrinkles and double chin.

What You Should Pay Attention to Ultrasounic RF Treatment

1. The obesity people: People who have too much fat.

2. Postpartum overweight people and difficult to get weight loss people: it’s related to fertility, hormone levels, and diet

3. Middle aged “overweight” people: related to hormonal changes and slowing down of body aging metabolism.

4. Local obesity in the body: people who often have too much fat in the waist, abdomen, and buttocks.

5. Those with imbalanced proportions and locally thick legs, such as thick thighs, protruding calves, and rounded arms, commonly known as “elephant legs”.

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