What’s the advantages of MPT Hifu Machine?

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Recently, MPT hifu machine is the hot seller. Compare with hifu 7d, MPT Hifu have 3 Handles total. 2 Pcs of Hifu handle, 1 pcs of ultra booster handle. It have Normal mode and Micro Pulse mode. The Normal mode is working as normal hifu machine, it shot many dots. MP mode is multi-point line formation (one line).

How does hifu mpt machine work?

About face treatment

Cartridge 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm is for facial treatment. 2.0mm is especially for eye treatment. As we mentioned before. It have normal mode and MP mode. When doing face treatment, normally we can choose normal mode for wrinkle removal, skin tightening and anti-aging. If people who with acne skin, then you can choose MP mode. MP mode is better for acne skin. It can remove the acne from their face.

About body treatment

Cartridge 6mm, 9mm and 13mm is body treatment. It’s mainly for arm, leg, belly and buttock body slimming, fat removal. If you want to do stretch mark removal treatment, you can use cartridge 6.0, and choose MP mode when doing treatment. It can remove stretch marks.

Please pay attention:

  1. Clean the treatment area, apply gel on the skin before operation.
  2. The operation handle should be full contact with skin.
  3. Don’t let the handle leave the skin during operation.

Why is mpt hifu better than other hifu machine?

  1. The machine design is unique.
  2. 3 handles with 10 cartridge total, each cartridge have 10000 shots.
  3. Multi-mode. It’s better for different skin and treatment.
  4. Safe and noninvasive.

The best mpt hifu beauty machine supplier

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