What’s the Advantages of Thermiva RF Vaginal Tightening Machine?

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The Brief Introduction of Thermiva RF Vaginal Tightening Machine

Thermiva RF vaginal tightening machine adopts intelligent temperature control technology. It can perform at internal and external genitalia and labia through radio frequency transmission. The activation of collagen protein recombination and regeneration to achieve vagina tightness, increase humidity, and treat urinary leakage problems. It also uses radio frequency technology to accelerate local blood circulation while restructuring damaged neurons. It allowing the already elongated and relaxed labia to converge to its original position. As well as increasing sensitivity, increasing skin softness, and reducing wrinkles. Finally, the external genitalia is rich in moisture, firmness, and pink like its original.

before and after thermiva treatment

Thermiva rf machine is an advanced private rf vaginal tightening machine in the world. It is CE approved machine. The intelligent temperature control RF ensure the machine work safe and comfortable. Thermiva RF machine is used for the the labia and the initial vaginal tightening. It provides women with a safe and effective treatment. The whole treatment is non-anesthesia, no pain and no scars.

The Features of Thermiva RF Vagina Tightening Machine

1. Private RF machine utilizing the core intelligent temperature control RF technology.

2. You can set the temperature before treatment, when the handle temperature reach the setting temperature, it will stop working.

3. The RF temperature control maintains the thermal effect of blocky tissue as to achieving the goal of tightening the skin.

The Unique Advantages of Thermiva RF Vagina Tight Machine

1. Noninvasive, painless, and no recovery period. It can back to normal life after treatment.

2. It can effectively repair and strengthen the vaginal muscle group.

3. It’s suitable for female which ages over 18 years old.

4. The treatment result is currently visible. And as time progresses, the treatment effect will become better and better.

5. Portable design, it’s easy for transportation.

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