What’s the difference between 808nm diode laser machine and ipl laser machine?

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Diode Laser Machine for Permanently Hair Removal

Diode Laser hair removal machine have one laser handle. It can remove different color skin hair. In addition, the 808nm diode laser machine also have skin rejuvenation function. You can also do skin rejuvenation treatment with 808nm diode laser machine. Diode laser machine treatment is more effective than ipl machine. But 808nm diode laser machine will be expensive than ipl laser machine. Diode laser machine have different options. 8 Bars, 10 bars and 12 bar. 8 bars is 300W machine, 10 bars is 400W machine, 12 bars is 500W machine. 12 Bars machine handle have about 50 million shots.

IPL SHR OPT Laser Hair Removal Machine for Different Functions

IPL laser machine comes with 1 handle and 5 filters, each filters have different functions. One handle is about 100000 shots. The 5 wavelength filters is: 430nm, 530nm, 560nm, 590nm and 640nm. 430nm filter is for acne treatment. 530nm filter is for pigmentation and spot removal. 560nm filter is for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, and skin whitening. It improve the flexibility of the skin and reduce wrinkles. 590nm filters is for vascular removal. 640nm filter is for thick hair removal. OPT machine have more function than 808nm diode laser machine. And opt laser machine price is more favorable.

Girls Can’t Wait to Do Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Now summer is coming, more and girls need to wear dress, short pants, and bikini. They prefer to go to the beach to spend their holiday. They have to do hair removal treatment so as to show their smooth skin. According to our research, almost each salon have one or more hair removal machine. The hair removal treatment is basic treatment course for spa salon or beauty clinic.

Hair Removal Laser Machine Supplier

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