What’s the Difference between Ultherapy Machine and Thermage Machine?

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Everyone want to have a beauty and young appearance, ladies always do not want wrinkles appear on their face. But when we getting older, people at a certain age will appear obvious wrinkles, wrinkles will make a people look like lack of vitality. So many people want to remove wrinkles. Most of people choose hifu machine or Thermage machine for wrinkle removal and anti-aging. What’s the difference between ultherapy machine and Thermage machine? The difference is mainly the following three major aspects:

1. The energy source is different

Thermage is a kind of radio frequency treatment, the energy is through the radio frequency effect on the face. Ultherapy is through the ultrasound on the face, so the energy source is not the same.

2. The treatment depth of different

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatment is deep, Thermage is relatively shallow. So the ultherapy treatment can reach the facial fascia layer, that is, to do the surgery SMAS fascia layer. Thermagic is focus on the subcutaneous fat layer, or the collagen layer of the skin.

3. The treatment effect of different

Because the treatment depth is not the same, so the effect of two machine is also different. ultherapy machine is mainly to do face lifting. Because it acts to the fascial layer, it can make the fascia produce scarring contraction, to achieve the role of lifting the face. Thermage acts on the subcutaneous fat and dermis, so it has the effect of skin tightening and skin rejuvenation.

Ultherapy and Thermage machine, which is better?

The Thermage for the face treatment is more extensive. The ultherapy machine is more accurate. The main difference between them is deep and shallow. Thermage is the role of the dermis, collagen fibers and elastic fibers proliferate a lot of the amount of layer. Hifu can reach a deeper layer of SMAS fascia layer, from the bottom of the skin to stimulate the vitality of the skin. After all, the two machine effects is different. Thermage focus on skin tightening, hifu focus on face lifting.

Hifu and Thermage machine are different. But if you do two treatment together, it can comprehensively enhance the skin, improve sagging skin. It make you look younger than not only 10 years, and there is no side effects. Some people may concerned about the energy of the two machines will be too strong, too stimulating to the skin. In fact, you can do Thermage treatment frist, then after several months you can do Hifu treatment. It won’t cause burden on your skin.  Different people have skin texture, and you should choose the treatment according to your actual situation.

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