What’s the Effect of Picolaser Spot Removal?

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Laser Spot Removal Working Priciple

The principle of picolaser spot removal is that the picolaser machine produces a high-intensity beam of light. And different types of lasers can produce different colors of light. Different colors of laser light are absorbed by different colors of skin. And the laser energy is used to make the dye particles disintegrate and vaporize, sealing the blood vessels.

picosecond machine function

What’s the Benefits of Laser Spot Removal?

The picolaser spot removal treatment is very short, and you can see the result quickly. However, many people have some misunderstandings about laser spot removal, such as: the appearance of hyperpigmentation indicates that the treatment fails. It is good to do laser spot removal in winter, and everyone can do it, etc. The advantages of laser pigmentation is that it is effective, and it will not leave scars.

The good thing about laser freckle removal is that it is fast and short. But relatively speaking, laser spot removal has certain side effects, such as easy rebound. Laser freckle removal will leave scars, but these scars are not obvious and basically cannot be seen after complete recovery. However, there may be special accidental situations that lead to obvious scars on the skin.

After each treatment, the skin has to be given a metabolic process. For this reason, the treatment interval between laser spot removals is about 3 months. Different people may have different treatment plan. Some people may get the best result after one or two sessions. Some people may need four to six sessions to completely solve the problem.

Misconceptions about Laser Spot Removal

(1) Hyperpigmentation indicates that the treatment has failed.

Hyperpigmentation is a common adverse reaction after laser treatment, the occurrence mechanism is not clear. This phenomenon belongs to the post-inflammatory secondary hyperpigmentation, which may be related to the individual factors such as too much sun exposure after treatment and too dark skin color.

(2) Doing laser spot removal in winter is good

It is not recommended to do laser spot removal surgery in winter. Because the weather in winter is especially cold and dry, and the resistance of the skin is very low at this time. So this season is not suitable for laser spot removal surgery.

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