What’s the Function of Starvac SP2 Machine?

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The Working Principle of Starvac SP2 Machine

The starvac sp2 machine’s roller massage handle combines vacuum and suction, which is creating pressure on the treatment skin surface. When doing treatment, the treatment area is sucked in between the suction head with two inner mobile rollers inside the handle. Which adapt automatically to the thickness of the body fat. When moving the vacuum roller handle, the fat skin is fold and roll within the two rollers inside the handle, which reach the body shaping & roller massage result.

Starvac SP2 machine use vacuum massage to reduce fat cells, and the roller massage make lymphatic drainage more efficiently than the massage by people. When the machine’s handle is working with suction, the fat cell tissues inside the body are get destroyed and then it come through the lymphatic system. The whole treatment of sp2 starvac vacuum roller massage is very pleasant. This machine have multiple functions. The sp2 starvac machine treatment application range includes under eye bag removal, double chin treatment, face skin tightening, fat reduction, body slimming shaping, lymphatic drainage and so on.

The Advantages of Starvac SP2 Machine

1. Body shaping, body contouring.

2. Increase the muscle activity.

3. Multifunctional machine in 1, it can meet different treatment need.

4. Vacuum roller machine is effective for fat reduction, cellulite removal.

5. Lymphatic drainage

6. Buttock Lifting

7. Breast Enlargement, breast lifting

The Spare Parts of Starvac Sp2 Machine

It comes with 2 pcs of vacuum roller handle, 4 pcs of double suction cups and 6 size of base cups. For more effective treatment, we also provide a pair of cups for breast enlargement.

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