What’s the Function of The Shock Wave Therapy Machine?

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The Function of Shockwave Therapy Machine

The shockwave therapy machine is mainly used to relieve pain in the affected area, and its indications are as follows: tendinitis, Achilles tendinitis, and fasciitis. It can also use for male erectile dysfunction treatment.

The Principle of Shockwave Therapy Machine

The shockwave pain relief machine is a mechanical pulse punching strong wave transmitted through a physical mechanism medium (air or gas). By converting the pulse sound waves generated by aerodynamics into ballistic shock waves. The positioning and movement of the treatment probe can produce good auxiliary treatment effects on human tissues where pain occurs widely.

Stress effect: Shock waves possess certain acoustic characteristics during propagation. It generating tension and pressure at different acoustic impedance interfaces. Then it causing mechanical damage to the material, helping to loosen tissue adhesion and crush bone spurs.

Cavitation effect: When shock waves propagate in a medium, a series of cavitation bubbles are generated. Which grow, oscillate, collapse, and release a large amount of energy during the treatment process.

Analgesic effect: Activates the production of substance p. After continuous action for a period of time, the pain threshold increases and the production of substance p decreases.

Metabolic activation: Shock waves alter the permeability of cell membranes, accelerate ion exchange processes inside and outside the membrane. And accelerate the clearance and absorption of metabolic decomposition products.

The Treatment Characteristics of Shockwave Physiotherapy Machine

The treatment process of shockwave physiotherapy machine for strain diseases is simple. It’s non-invasive, and less harmful to patients. The analgesic effect of shockwave physiotherapy machine is more obvious than other physical therapy equipment.

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy is the preferred non-invasive treatment method for bone injuries and bone joint diseases. Compared with other traditional treatment methods, this treatment method has the advantages of non-invasive, minimal tissue damage, painless, significant therapeutic effect, and no side effects. It utilizes high-strength concentrated shock waves to stimulate and activate osteoblasts and mesenchymal cells, accelerating microcirculation. Utilize the strong penetration force of mechanical waves to loosen the adhesion of lesion tissue and improve local blood circulation. Shock wave therapy is safe, effective, and non-invasive.

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