Which Body Slimming Machine is best for Salon?

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The number of obese people is increasing, and body slimming equipment is becoming more and more popular. But what kind of weight loss equipment works best? In order to achieve better results and improve beauty salon performance, it is necessary to know which body slimming machine are being used in the market? Today I will recommend some body sliming machine. Tecar, hifu liposnix, LPG and emslim machine.

1. CET RET Tecar Machine

CET RET Tecar Indiba machine developed from the perspective of human body structure to stimulate the dissolution of body fat into glycerin to improve body shape! Tecar machine is not only inherits the characteristics of dredging the meridians, promoting circulation, and promoting gratitude of the health-preserving instruments. But also has the characteristics of solving various physical problems.

2. Hifu Liposonix Machine

Hifu liposonic machine uses ultrasonic energy to automatically lock the subcutaneous fat layer without harming the skin and surrounding tissues. However, during the experience of hifu liposonix treatment, some people may feel discomfort, pain, cold, prickling pain, tingling or damp heat.

3. Velashape LPG Machine

Velashape LPG body slimming machine focuses on shaping. It pay attention to health and nature, and adopt the method of complete physical massage. Which leads to its less obvious effect, but the reason why Velashape and LPG is a high-end instrument is also because it takes the concept as its main focus, and high-consumption groups are its target customers.

Emslim Hiemt Hifem Machine

The emslim machine can realize the “shaping” of muscle tissue, and using high-tech technology. It has the ability to induce muscle “shrinking movement”. It can shape the waist, abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs, back, etc. in all aspects. The treatment is comfortable, non-invasive, no recovery period, healthy and safe. The practical effect during treatment is very significant.

Among these machines, the emslim machine has become a new trend. It is easy to operate, the result is good. It became very popular in many beauty salons.

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