Which Physical Therapy Machine is better?

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Nowadays, many people may suffer from body pain, neck pain, and back pain and so on. So how to get rid of pain? Some may choose body massage. But it’s not enough. The physical therapy machine principle is to improve human metabolism and activate body functions through high-tech technologies. Such as far infrared rays, which can activate cells. And some magnetic therapy and electronic pulses. We have 10d Maxlipo lipolaser machine, shockwave therapy machine, Magneto physiotherapy machine, 980nm diode laser physiotherapy machine and so on. Which physical therapy machine is better?

10D Maxlipo Lipolaser Machine

10D Maxlipo Laser machine can fully improve local blood circulation, strengthen local tissue nutrition, eliminate local aseptic inflammation, and relieve pain. It can also strengthen muscle tension, increase range of motion, prevent muscle atrophy, and treat joints, joint hydrops, bone Mass hyperplasia, tendinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, vasculitis has obvious physical therapy effect. It can also fully improve the microcirculation of the waist and abdomen and relieve abdominal pain.

10d maxlipo master laser ems cryo machine

Magnetic Physiotherapy Machine

In fact, the Magnetic physiotherapy device is suitable for a wide range of people, but relevant matters should be paid attention. In order to avoid serious consequences caused by improper use, the operator should pay more attention when using the machine.

Shockwave physiotherapy machine

Promote metabolism, regulate autonomic nerves, restore brain cell function, and improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular blood supply. Promote blood circulation, regulate blood vessel tension, reduce blood viscosity, prevent and treat atherosclerosis, improve serum lipoprotein composition, reduce high blood pressure, etc.

980nm Diode Laser Physiotherapy Machine

980nm diode laser machine is not only for vein removal, skin rejuvenation, it can also use for physiotherapy pain relief.

In conclusion, you can choose the physiotherapy machine according to your budget or your specific need. Different machine have their addition functions. They are not only a pain relief machine, but also multifunctional machine.

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