Why Choose EMS Chair Pelvic Floor Therapy?

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The Principle of EMS Chair Pelvic Floor Therapy

The working principle of the EMS chair pelvic floor is to stimulate pelvic floor muscles through high intensity focused electromagnetic fileds. It’s good for female vaginal tightening and male erectile dysfunction treatment.

The Advantages of EMS Chair Pelvic Floor Therapy

The clinical advantages of happy chair is as follow:

1) It is safe and effective.

2) The non-invasive technology adopted by emslim chair ensures no damage or discomfort.

3) Ems pelvic floor chair has a better treatment course than Kegel exercises, and the treatment effect is more efficient.

4) About 30 minutes per treatment, no pain, no anesthesia, and no recovery period.

Why People Choose EMS Pelvic Floor Chair?

A woman who sits for 30 minutes with a tight appearance appears youthful and energetic. While a woman who is intimate and tight has the ability to control happiness. Our ems pelvic floor chair is non-invasive, safe, comfortable, and does not require abstinence. There is a huge demand, and many postpartum women may experience pelvic floor dysfunction, such as sneezing, leakage of urine, relaxation, etc. They should choose ems pelvic floor chair for treatment if they don’t want to undergo the surgery.

Is Pelvic Floor Repair Device Really Effective?

The pelvic floor repair device is effective. Because the principle of ems pelvic floor repair machine is to restore the original elasticity of pelvic floor muscles to the maximum extent possible. It is mainly used for the rehabilitation effect of pelvic floor muscles after natural delivery, cesarean section, induced labor, and artificial abortion. For stress urinary incontinence and urgent urinary incontinence that often occur in the middle-aged and elderly, its effect is also very obvious. After 2-3 courses of treatment, it can gradually improve the function of pelvic floor muscles, and the effect is significantly improved, consolidate with later dumbbell therapy.

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