Why Fractional CO2 Laser Become So Popular?

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Fractional Co2 Laser Machine Function

Fractional co2 laser machine is not only for acne scar removal. It can also work for skin resurfacing, skin rejuvenation. It’s especially for the treatment of mole, spots, wrinkles removal and stretch marks removal. It can also do vaginal tightening and some relative vulvar treatment, as well as skin rejuvenation and skin resurfacing treatment. In addition, it can also work for wrinkle removal, skin tightening, pigmentation removal, and age spot removal. The wide application of fractional co2 laser machine make the machine become popular in clinic spa. In addition, the fractional laser treatment only take a very short time to reach a significant result.

The Unique Advantages of Fractional Laser Machine

1. Powerful

Compare with traditional laser machine, fractional laser machine is more powerful and more effective. The fractional laser can reach the deep dermis of our skin. It can stimulate the damaged tissue and repair it. The fractional laser stimulate the dermis produce more collagen and rearrange it, then it reach skin rejuvenation result.

2. Noninvasive

The fractional laser treatment is no side effect, no bleeding.

3. Personalized Treatment Plan can be customized

You can customize a personalized treatment plan according to your needs. When doing treatment, all the parameter can be adjusted according to different people. One single treatment can produce very significant effect.

4. Quick Recovery

Normally the recovery time is after 3-6 days of co2 fractional laser treatment. And the skin will turn back to normal. The skin resurfacing can last as least 6 months, or even last for 6 years.

5. Multifunctional

The fractional co2 laser machine is used for multiple treatment, it help your skin to quick repair from a various problems.

Professional Fractional CO2 Laser Machine Supplier

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