Why Hydra Facial Machine is The Basic Beauty Equipment in Spa Salon?

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What is hydra facial machine?

Hydra facial machine is also called hydra beauty machine, microdermabrasion machine, hydra dermabrasion machine. It can treat all kinds of skin problems, such as pigmentation, fine lines, acne, and blackheads. It can also absorb excess sebum, deeply cleanse the skin, remove old keratin, and improve skin dullness and yellowness.

Most people can obviously feel that the skin is smooth, and the skin tone is bright after the first treatment. This smooth effect and moisturizing can last for several days or even longer. If you want to achieve a more significant effect. It is recommended that normal skin can be cleaned once a month; oily and acne skin can be cleaned once twice a month. After 3 to 4 courses of treatment, the skin has improved significantly. Then you can change the treatment period one operation every 28-45 days to maintain good results.

What’s the advantages of hydra beauty machine?

The 14 in 1 hydra beauty machine comes with 14 handles: hydra dermabrasion, diamond dermabrasion, vacuum pen, oxygen spray, BIO, skin scrubber, face ultrasonic, eye ultrasonic, electric micro needle, bubble pen, hot and cold hammer, Photo light, three head radio frequency, high frequency. It can meet different treatment need. Such as skin Whitening, skin firming, wrinkles removal, deep moisturizing and skin cleaning.

Why hydra beauty machine is the basic beauty equipment in spa salon?

1. Non invasive

This hydra facial machine is noninvasive, it won’t have any uncomfortable when doing treatment.

2. Cost effective

The price is favorable, and it have multiple functions. It can meet customer’s different treatment need.

3. Easy to operate

The hydra dermabrasion machine is easy to use, we provide manual and video for training.

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