Why Velashape LPG Machine is good for Body Shaping?

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The Introduction of Velashape LPG Machine

Velashape LPG Machine, we also call it Vera Roller Tester. Our Velashape LPG machine is a physical vacuum roller massage beauty machine. It adopts the “Negative Pressure Vacuum Mechanical Stimulation” technology. This machine have 3 handles. The large vacuum roller handle is composed with two-way electric roller combined with vacuum negative pressure, and the medium handle is also composed of vacuum negative pressure combined with electric flaps. The small handle is for face and eye treatment.

The Function of the Vela Shape LPG Machine

It use newest technology to massage our body through roller, suction, kneading. Just to activate and repair of connective tissue and soften the lymphatic system. The Vera Roller Tester can achieve different treatment goals. Such as reduce metabolism fat, improve fine lines, firm skin, tight skin and anti-aging. It is good for anti-aging, skin tightening, physical therapy, body massage and body slimming.

The Advantages of the Vera Roller Tester Machine

  1. The large handle is equipped with 2.8-inch touch screen, which is convenient for the operator to adjust and control.
  2. The operation is simple and easier, it don’t need beautician to do the massage.
  3. The negative pressure vacuum is harmless to body, and the effect is good.
  4. Two-way roller: The contact treatment is wider, the treatment area is larger. The treatment is more effective.

Three Management of Vera Roller Tester Machine

  1. Facial Care and Anti-aging
  2. Body Slimming Shaping
  3. Physical Therapy Body Massage

The Application of the Vera Roller Tester Machine

This Vera Roller Tester machine is more suitable for middle and high-end customers. Our velashape LPG machine is different from other LPG on the market. Our vela shape LPG machine has a strong suction. Many similar machines on the market cannot reach this suction. Our machine is much more comfortable and will not directly touch the skin to avoid the problem of skin friction.

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